The Rockridge News Pumps My Nads

I made it my mission to completely clean/cute/delouse-ify one of our much neglected countertops today. It’s a  place where cloves of garlic fall and we find them months later trying to grow up our walls. Mushrooms sometimes!

Anyway, in addition to finding a garlic sprout middle earth,  I also found  an old copy of the Rockridge News  that I marked up one night, after swigging  a strong dose of my menstrual relief tea. I LOVE THE ROCKRIDGE NEWS !!!!  If you live in the Rockridge/Temescal area, you should support this paper. It’s a local business, made up of both  your  friendly, and super uptight waspy-ass neighbors.   As such, it is your civic duty to at least take a look at what your neighborhood is up to when these papers are delivered to your house. They also  are FREE and CHEAP entertainment.


Sinks are deep


Man complains about recycling bins at Safeway  being too ugly.


question.  who goes to this shit.


big dreams coming true


translation: sometimes, i hear groups of people meeting in dark corridors. Laughing, and sharing a smoke. I miss cigarettes. I miss fun.





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Hello. I live in Oakland. I write, I rap, I play drums, and I do some neat party tricks.
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