My Left Hole

After many years of struggle, I finally  decided to give up fighting with  my left ear hole, which always closes up no matter what I do.  I’m done. Out.  No more pain, no more blood, no more lube, no more giant grody scabs on my earlobes, and NO MORE PIERCED EARRINGS. It’s clip-on city, baby, from now until end times. Enough is enough.

This also means I have to let my sales rep at Rocksbox know not to send me any more pierced earrings. (Rocksbox is this awesome Bay Area  company who, for a small monthly fee, will send you 3  pieces of hand-crafted jewelry at a time, to keep as long as you want. Perfect for me, because I can’t seem to commit to any one piece of jewelry).

So, with sadness in my heart, I typed this letter to my Rocksbox  stylist.

Is there anyone else out there who’s had this problem?  If so, how did you cope?




About ArleneShirlee

Hello. I live in Oakland. I write, I rap, I play drums, and I do some neat party tricks.
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1 Response to My Left Hole

  1. Harriet Skjerly says:

    I received a rosary a few years ago. Still got it….


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